Thursday, July 27, 2006

Weight: 153/2...well at least that's what it bounced between as I obsessively got on and off of the scale while adjusting the balance. I think I need a digital scale. Yeah...that's what I need! Let's make my obsession even worse by getting it down to the 1/10th of a pound! Smart Kelly!

I'm a little late today getting my entry in. I normally do it in the morning before the kids are up, but I was too interested in reading other people's blogs today. Dang you fascinating writers! So today was a great experiment. Would Kelly still be good without planning her entire eating day ahead of time?

Answer: far. I can't get the idea of being the big girl in Mexico out of my head. We'll see how long that idea lasts. Hopefully for 3 months!lol

Food planning:
Bkfst: Total with skim milk
Snack: 1 apple/a touch of movie popcorn (gave 2/3 of the small bag to a girlfriends son at the that took some willpower!)
Lunch: tomato/corn/avacado salad over whole wheat pasta/1 cheese stick
Dinner: Probably the same as lunch with maybe some left over pork loin.
Dessert: 1 WW popsicle
Lots 'o H2O

1. Got signed up for a one mile fun run with the kids/husband/friends. Should be fun.
2. C is loving her new glasses. Very relieved about not having to fight the new glasses war.
3. The Mexico Diet is holding!

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