Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Weight: 154

Booked flights yesterday, so now I'm locked into the Mexico diet. Talked to Tina yesterday, and she gave me some tips for the lower body. Added them today to my weight training regimine. I think I'm going to be sore tomorrow.

Children are making me crazy today. B is in a "I'm going to do whatever the Hell I want to mood. I don't have to mind Mom." mood. In fact, I just caught him sticking his tongue out at me, because I'm making him clean his room. I swear. Will that boy ever learn that when Mom's unhappy, nobody's happy?

C for the past few months has been in that frame of mind. But now she's seemed to have snapped out of it and my sweet girl is back. For example, I asked her to clean her room and AMAZING! that's what she is doing.

So my question is, do one of my children always have to be in a testing Mom stage?

My Mom's somewhere probably laughing right now.

Well, that's all for today.

Food plan:
Bkfst.: Total + skim milk
Lunch: Grilled pork loin + green salad
Snack: Apple, Cheese stick
Dinner: Salad with chicken, apples, almonds, cranberries, raspberry dressing
Lots 'o H2O

1. Get to go on a good trip.
2. Husband is positive acting concerning trip and booked time off to take care of the kids.
3. Got a great deal on airfare...a feat in itself!

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