Thursday, September 07, 2006


So I've decided to get rid of my scale. I was thinking back to when I didn't have trouble with food. I had to go WAYYYYYYYY back, back to the days of skinny jeans and tucked in shirts. Back to the day where I thought pleats in my pants actually looked good on me, gave me some bulk. Back to when I had to double pad my bras just to get a little bump, back to the days of non-starving Kelly.

And you know what I remember about those days? Two things. I didn't even think about food, un-like the total obsession I have now. And, I didn't own a scale. So obviously the easier of the two for me right now is getting rid of the scale. Obsessing about food? Now that's a little harder. So for now, bye-bye scale. I used you well, but you have turned me into a freak who's entirely too obsessed with my weight. Bye-bye and good riddance!

Well maybe just one last weigh-in...

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