Sunday, October 01, 2006


So I'm feeling a little better these days. I dont' know if I'm shrinking or not. It's kind of weird not weighing in. Some days the scale (which the husband insists we keep) calls to me. I think my clothes are getting bigger, but it could just be in my head. You know what's weird? I've found that when I really pay attention to what my body is craving, and how much it actually wants to eat to feel full, it's really not a lot of food. And really it's pretty healthy. Odd, huh?

On a side note. I told my Mother that I thought our family had a really sick way of dealing with weight. And even though they are all super-thin people, they have an unatural obsession with looks, etc. I think I hurt her feelings. But really, that's the way I think it is. I think every generation either breaks away from an unhealthy cycle from their family of origin or feeds that cycle and escalates it. It think the food thing is going to be my thing to conquest. My children? Perhaps Mommy's little computer obsession...;)

Anyway, not weighing and really paying attention to what I'm feeling seems to be really working so far. However, I am disappointed that I'm not going to be where I want for Mexico in November. I am going to be the big girl of the group. YIKES! Oh Well...perhaps one good booze cruise, and I won't care any more. Oh no, I hope the alcohol thing is not what my children will have to work on.

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