Saturday, January 13, 2007

Day 11 and 12

Day 11: Put salad in your sandwich: Already do this. I LOVE tons of veggies on my sandwiches. But I don't really eat that many sandwiches because I've gotten totally spoiled by the awesome bread that I get a local bakery. Any other bread and the sandwich to me is totally sub-par.

Day 12: Fill up on Fresh Stuff: OK, OK, OK...I'll try to find some veggies for lunch today. Actually I was thinking of making broccoli/beef for lunch. And broccoli is one of the best. And then maybe I'll have an apple for dessert. See...not so hard!

Exercise: So I'm iced into my house right now. I'd try to venture out, but everywhere I've called is closed! Perhaps the kids want to slip/slide around with me. I'm kind of panicked because I had to skip the big gym workout yesterday (heavy weight with my friend/cardio) because school was cancelled because of the weather. I knew, I knew, I knew when my husband showed up yesterday at 4 (his office closed) I should have drug myself on over to the gym. But I thought I'd do it in the morning. This morning...yeah the morning that everything closed because of the ice storm! Sound like a big whiner full of excuses don't I?

I'm a little worried to lose my rhythm concerning exercising though because in the past a two day break is all that it would have taken to get me to stop exercising...period. Perhaps now that I know that that is my pattern...I won't do it.

On a more positive note...I haven't weighed, but I'm losing that bloated look which usually means I'm losing weight. The bloated look is usually the sign that I've gone over the eating edge. Now...I just have to drop a size!

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