Sunday, January 14, 2007

Day 13

Eat more beans: So we've been hit by an ice storm and have been trapped in the house for 3 days. I think tomorrow will be the same. So I had an idea for today...chili! Thank goodness I had some chili beans to fulfill this goal. If you think about it, Chili really is one of the perfect meals. You have lean meat, tomatoes, onions, vegetable juice, and last but not least, beans. If you add a little low-fat cheese and eat it with a few saltines, you have every food group covered. And besides that, YUM!!!

In recent years, however, I have not cooked with beans. Don't get me wrong. I love them. In fact the first year my son was alive I went vegetarian. And believe you me; I had a lot of beans. But then I discovered that my son was allergic to legumes, i.e. beans. That kind of killed the plan for me. Anyone who has children knows that it's a ridiculous concept to prepare two separate meals for every meal. So, back to meat I went. When I eat out, I do try to go vegetarian though. But at home, I have to go with meat.

But today with the cold and ice the idea of Chili seemed to take the edge off and fit today's requirement perfectly. And my son? Well he had leftovers from the night before. I guess it's not impossible to get a few beans.

Exercise: So iced in and the gym is closed. CRIPES! I decided to try to shovel the driveway to get some cardio in. However a couple of inches of solid ice really doesn't shovel to well, or crack, or hold me in a standing position. As I was sliding towards the street seemingly unable to stop I realized these facts.

Hopefully the gym will be open tomorrow. I can't imagine the exercise fanatics out there letting the gym get away with more than 3 days of closure. We'll see...

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