Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Stay away damn mirrors!

Day 8: Brown-bag your lunch...done! And this one was hard as I was exhausted by lunch time and really wanted to go out. I know that eating out is a problem I have as I hate to prepare food for myself. I'll be working on this task daily.

So when I signed up for the gym I got this brilliant idea to blend days together. Today was my big day. I did my cardio, weights, and then went to a yoga/pilates class for a stretch. Every muscle on my body hurts...including my FEET! I certainly won't be doing that again. I'm going to have to come up with a better solution.

On a side note. The Pilates/Yoga class's room was almost entirely covered with mirrors. Now I know that I am incredibly out of shape and am over-weight, but looking at yourself in every direction really brings that home. For some reason when I work-out and can't see myself I feel better after the workout. When I see myself the entire time I get discouraged as it seems like it's going to take so long to get to the point of a healthy looking body. It seems like almost an impossible task to complete. I'm thinking that perhaps I need to stay out of that room until I get to the point where I'm not totally dismayed and shocked every time I look into a mirror. What that point is I don't know. And I feel a little bad because I promised a friend I'd do that class with her. Perhaps I'll try it one more time. If I have the same reaction then I'm definitely going to have to forgo the classes for a while.

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