Thursday, January 11, 2007

Day 9 and 10

Day 9: Order soup and salad
Day 10: Pump up the protein

I did day 9 on day 10 and 10 on 9. Well actually I already do 10. I find that I stay full longer if I do 10, and so I have...for a long time.

Actually I've lost no weight so far and seem to be plumping up in my clothes. Of course, that's what always happens every time I start a new exercise program...I gain 5 pounds. I thought this time though, because I'm dieting, that I would just stay the same for a while. I'm a little too scared to get on the scale, but I can tell I'm bigger by the way the clothes are fitting me. ERRRRR I hate this part! Hopefully I can keep myself from quitting.

1 comment:

Steven Novak said...

I always judge my wieght on a single pair of jeans. ;)