Monday, January 08, 2007


There's a big debate going on in my head today. To go to the gym or not to go. Today I designated as my day off. But now I'm feeling the need to go. I think it is because I'm a totally compulsive personality. When I start something I go at it full force. My fear about not going today is the second part of my personality will kick in. It's called the "if I don't keep going a hundred of miles per hour at this task and take a break from it, I'm going to have too much trouble at getting it going again tomorrow" trait. What usually happens is that I eventually quit because I have either burnt myself out or my nat like attention span causes me to get bored and I quit.

Here's a little story. When I was 5 I desperately wanted a Baby Alive doll. So, my Mom made a chart and told me that if I made my bed every day for a week she'd take me to the store to get the doll. So, day problem, I made the bed. Day two...made the bed. Day three my Mom came into my room and said, "Kelly! You didn't make your bed. Don't you want your doll?" I replied, "It's too much work."

See what I'm talking about? I quit things at the drop of the hat. With the weight and exercising issues what usually happens is that I see a drop or an improvement in my stature and that's it, I'm done. I never reach my goal! So now, I'm afraid that if I take a day off today, I'm going to see a weight loss or something on my scale tomorrow, and I'm not going to be able to make myself go to the gym even though I'm meeting 3 friends there!

What a nemesis this lazy streak is. I hope to soon be able to get past it!

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