Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Big WhineFest in Kellyland

Yesterday Little C had the flu. This morning it looks like it's no better. And because my husband is seems to only be home to sleep these days, I got up at 5:15 to get to the gym before Big D had to leave for work.

And now I feel like I've been run over by a truck.

I'd love to go back to bed, but Little B will be up in 15 minutes to get ready for the bus. Then I'd like to go to bed, but I have to get myself dressed to get Little C to the doctor. Then I'll definitely go back to bed, but by then I'll have been up so long I might as well stay up!

I said to Big D as he walked out the door at 6:45, "Don't call in the afternoon because I'm definitely taking a nap." And do you know what he did?


Can you believe it? I think he's just jealous. Then he mumbled as he was walking out the door, "Why do you think I have to go to bed so early every night?" (He gets up at 4:45 every day to get his workout in.) Yeah...definitely jealous.

Yesterday the diet was crap. Little C had slept with me the night before and was restless the whole night. And of course I couldn't sleep because of it. Needless to say I was tired. And when I'm that tired, I tend to eat like crap. My only saving grace was that I couldn't leave the house, and I've managed to get rid of all of the junk in my house...except the popsicles in my freezer. MMMMMMMMM....popsicles. And no, they are not at least the healthy fruit kind. They are the sugar fake flavor kind that comes in plastic tubes. You know what I'm talking about? Yeah, I had three.

So you don't believe I ate like crap? Well here's the menu.
Bkfst.: Kashi bar
Lunch: Popcorn, 3 popsicles, tuna fish on trisquits
Dinner: Chick Fil A Sandwich plus 1/2 med. fries

Now that's some good eating!

This morning I'm starting out a little better. I started with a protein shake. Blech. But at least it's not a popsicle!

BTW...I weighed in this morning. I looked so skinny in the mirror (without my contacts in), I thought, "I think I've lost weight, finally!" Yeah, smack me now. I haven't lost any. I actually gained a pound. WOOHOO!!! Yay for me.

I really need to throw out that scale. Join me, will you?

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