Friday, February 02, 2007

Day what?

I haven't any idea what I'm on because really I never got back on the plan after I stopped. Typical. I'm not being a glutton though. I've given up my wine (except on my b-day), and am now eating my lean cuisine with a soymilk chaser. It's all right.

I have continued to hit the gym pretty regularly. My friend has been helping me with the strength training, which I love, and I've been sore pretty much every day since I started 3 weeks ago, or was it 4? I can't remember. And yesterday I did 6 miles on the bike/elliptical machine/treadmill. What can I say; I get bored and have to break it up. I can still say with certainty, even though I've been at this 3 or 4 weeks now, I HATE cardio! Must do it though. Must get that heart strong and the fat off.

Speaking of Fat coming off. It's not. At least the scale says it's not. And my clothes don't seem to be any looser. In fact, the scale says I'm not heavier. Tina says that it's pretty common to see a gain when you start a new program. She says that most runners she knows, in fact, when training for the marathon, a period where you burn more calories than ever, gain 5-10 pounds.

I wouldn't really mind the gain if I saw a difference in my clothes. But I don't. The only thing that's keeping me going is the soreness of my muscles. Surely soreness means something is happening. Doesn't it? God I hope so. It's all I've got.

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minnie said...

i hear you.. i HATE cardio too. it so darn boring!!!

i've been doing some high intesity belly dancing lately. i think it counts as cardio and it's pretty fun.