Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Everybody Wants Me

Today I wandered into the gym, and after I flashed my badge the young guy at the front counter along with his usual, "Good morning," and "Have a good workout," said to me, "Hey! What are you doing here this morning? Don't you usually lift in the afternoon?"

I was so stunned that he even knew who I was or what I did with my time. Now in retrospect my name and when I work out probably popped up on his screen when I flashed my card, but initially I was deluded and proud. Because apparently, all of the time that I am spending at the gym was being noticed. So what if it was by a stranger.

I was telling my friend Tina about what this guy said, and she said in a slightly seductive voice, "Yeah, that's good. He noticed you."

Now that thought, I have to tell you, never occurred to me. I said, "Yeah right. He's probably thinking, 'hey, there's that fat chick that lifts with the hot one.'"

Tina replied laughing, "No, he's probably thinking, 'there's that chick that lifts with that 50-footer.' I used to be a 15-footer, but in the last few months I've aged so much I think it's now a 50-footer."

We, the fat girl and the 50-footer, laughed for quite a while about this.

Anyway, I don't care how he knew that I worked out mostly in the afternoons. For you see today, I did 3 miles in 26 minutes. This is a new record for me. And if I have to get a little ego pump up to get there, then so be it. Let the stroking continue!


LiveLee said...

First of all, you are not fat.
and second, well, that's all i are not fat.

Michelle O'Neil said...

Feel good about yourself. I don't even know what a 50 footer or 15 footer for that matter, is?

Of course the guy was totally scoping you out.

Work it.