Wednesday, February 28, 2007

No it's not beer googles. I'm totally sober.

Two funny gym stories:
#1: OK, flirty receptionist guy and that one guy who lifts near us and now included us in his conversations? Yeah, it's the same guy. Tina swore it was. I swore it wasn't. And then she pointed out the tattoo on his calf. Yeah, it's the same guy. I really should wear my contacts ALL of the time!

#2: My friend Tina called this week. She had to go lift by herself Monday as I have a sick child at home. Flirty receptionist guy said to her, "Hey, did you used to be a trainer or a fitness model or something?"

Me: "Wow, he said that? That's awesome!"

Tina said laughing: "Yeah until he said 'used' to."

Me: "oh...."

Note #1: Tina still could be a fitness model. She looks totally awesome and has the most awesome arms and abs! She's at least my fitness model.

Note #2: Don't worry, I still managed to drag my sorry butt to the gym, at 5:30 AM 2 days in a row. I had to split up the weights, as I didn't have time to finish the first day. I don't know how those crazies keep that routine up!

I need a nap.

And a cure for shin splints, you know, besides rest. I'm afraid if I rest, my rest will become permanent. I'm so afraid I spent all last night on the computer looking for one site that would tell me that I could do something other than rest. There isn't one.

So today I did the bike and took an ibuprofen. I feel like though like a cop out. I'm the wimpy out of shape girl who can't even do a few miles on an elliptical machine without getting hurt.

Oh well, enough rambling and self-pity. Have a good one!

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Anonymous said...

Shin splints: if you lean against a all and do 'push ups' - it will help stretch those muscles and helps with the shin splints.

I should know.