Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I am the skinny, buff girl!

I love yoga. I love the stretching, pulling, calm music, and peace. I love how I feel before in anticipation of it, during the stretching of it, and the after when I feel like a tall skinny woman.

The problem with yoga, however, really isn't the problem with yoga. It's where I take yoga. The room is filled with mirrors. Big, huge, awful mirrors!

Every once in a while I'm really in the zone I catch a glimpse of myself. I am genuinely shocked and frightened at the same time.

"Who is that fat girl trying to do that strength pose? ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.... Wait. That's me! Oh lord! Is that what I look like? OK...close your eyes. Don't look at her. Feel the stretch. The big girl does not exist. The big girl does not exist. The big girl does not exist. You are the skinny buff girl that's in front of her. Yes you are. The skinny buff girl. Yes you are! Do you feel the stretch? Yeah, take that fat girl! I'm not you! I'm the skinny buff girl."

What? I know I'm not the only one!

Perhaps if I believe it enough, it will be true.

Photo by kk+'s photos


Butrfly4404 said...

OMG, you had me totally ROLLING!

I love yoga, too. My problem with it is that there are no studios in my town. I would love to even just take a Sat. morning class.

When I get around to doing it at home, it makes me feel so much better. My body seriosly YEARNS for it ... It screams "Stretch me! I hurt!!"

But...some poses elicit reactions from a certain un-named male adult in my house and that drives me crazy. Also, it's never quiet in my house and I love the quietness while I'm stretching out and breathing (as opposed to getting up and asking "WTH WAS THAT NOISE??").

Don't suggest mornings because the elliptical got that spot and it's bigger and meaner than yoga! :)

You are the skinny buff don't even have to pretend...just keep working. :)

IRENE said...

I love pracicing yoga and if you ask me, I hate gyms and studios. They can make me feel self-conscious and the commute can be a waste of time.
I think DVDs do come handy.
On the other hand it is a good way to get out the door and do something for yourself.
I wouldn't worry much. Yoga in particular is for every body type, age and shape. So go celebrate the girl you are!