Friday, March 23, 2007

Psycho song sends me to the wine, and yet I still stay in my food budget!

Well I'm back. And I'm too scared to get on the scale. That's a good thing right? To not get on the scale? I'm going with it anyway. I don't think I did too badly. We managed to find some healthy options while at Epcot the first day. But having a $300/family food day we decided we'd have to find some cheaper street vendors that served healthier food.


You can stop laughing now.

We were unsuccessful. I don't think I had one fruit, vegetable, or fiber item that entire day. Well unless you can count grease as fiber. But we did have an $80/family food day that day.

So after that crazy day, we reached a happy compromise at the $200 food days. We got some vegetables and fruit. We ate non-fried food. But we still got our beer.

What? You didn't know beer was served at Disney World? Why yes it is. Well not at the Magic Kingdom, ummm or at Animal Kingdom. But at Epcot...yeah baby, they serve the beer!

Oh and I forget this every time I go back to Oklahoma. But did you know you could buy tiny little bottles of wine that have only 1 or 2 glasses in them? I love those! And conveniently the little shop in our hotel had these yummy little bottles waiting for me when I came home not being able to get "It's a Small World" out of my head. (My God, how do the people who work that ride not go completely insane? It's like a song out of a bad horror movie. But my 5-year-old loved it.)

On the exercise front, I did go to the gym to lift...once. What can I say I was entirely too tired to get up earlier than 6am any day except one. (Yes. We got up at 6am every day. We had a plan...see?) Hopefully being on my feet from 7am until 6pm everyday was enough cardio to do it for me. We'll see.

...if I ever get the nerve to hit the scale again.

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Butrfly4404 said...

**Welcome home!!**

Just give yourself a week of doing right, then calculate damages. Seems like a good compromise, right?

1- I so know what you mean about Small World (who doesn't??) - stuff that used to sound pretty and cute to me as a child now has an eerie feeling with it (like when I hear a kids musical toy in silence, it seriously gives me the willies.)
2 - I'm going to have to remember to stock up on healthier snacks when (BIG HOPE) we go.
3- Good for you for getting up at least one day!! Consider it a small victory!
4- those little bottles of wine sound fantastic - AND they serve Beer at Chuck E. CHeese - I'm amazed they DON'T sell it at the Magical Kingdom!!

As soon as you're back into the swing of things at home, you should drop by or shoot me an email with details. (I promised to harass you, didn't I?)