Wednesday, March 14, 2007

So why a picture of Daniel Craig?

Because my cute flirty receptionist guy quit! Yes, all of the ladies at my gym are very sad. I can only hope they can find someone to fill his Anyway the picture is supposed to fill in until we can get a new live body to look at while I'm suffering through the elliptical machine.

I really have nothing more to say other than that. I'm still starving, still exercising like a machine. Oh, that reminds me...

Tina and I got the bright idea last Friday to add 90 pounds to the leg press machine. Well actually we were discussing it, and flirty reception guy came up to us hearing our conversation and said in his cute southern dumb jock accent, "You girls can do it. You're tough!"

And we replied with high pitched voices like two dumb little girls who had never talked to a boy before, "OK..."

Neither one of us could walk, well, for 2 days. Monday, however, was day 3. So I decided to do it again. And by pain! I guess that's progress. Now if I can just get my shoulders to stop hurting.

Any tips flirty reception guy? Wait! You're gone! Waaaaaaaaaaaa!


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