Thursday, April 12, 2007

Bwa hahahaha...cough, hack...ha!

I just finished spinning class. I swear that class kicks my butt every time! It was a little rough at the beginning today as I've been having asthma and allergy issues (stupid Oklahoma). Normally it takes me 5-10 minutes to warm up, but today it took a good 15 before I was breathing well.

Oh, by the way. Have I told you about our funny little 20-something instructor? She cracks us up every time Tina and I go. Well we've only gone twice, but both times she cracked us up! Here are some of her best...

Story 1:
There are two guys in the class that are obviously not in their 20's, 30's, or even 40's. Little Instructor Girl says during the cool down, "So J****. Tell me about your friend, how old is he?"

J*** reluctantly responds, "62 and I'm 60."

Little Instructor Girl, "Wow! Look at those legs ladies. I hope when I'm that old I can still get after it. Let that be an example to you! Wow! 64!"

J***, "62."

Me and Tina, "Bwa hahahaha!"

Story 2:
Little Instructor Girl, "OK ladies, let's take it down a bit. Let's check our heart rate." She puts her fingers on her neck to check her pulse. "Wow! That's high."

Me and Tina (well mostly Tina...I'm sucking too much wind to laugh), "Bwa hahahaha!"

I guess these examples just prove Tina's, a former trainer, theory, "You don't have to be smart to work at the gym."

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