Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I am so sick of struggling!!!!

So this weekend I got sick. I got sick because I took care of a sick child last week. And I got sick. And I still had to take care of children, and a man, and a birthday party. So I drugged myself up and went after it. But what happens to me when I'm sick is that I tend to have less willpower. In fact I tend to completely revert to my old eating habits. So at the grocery store Friday when I was getting the treat for my son's class, I bought my daughter and I our own cookies. And we ate them. Then on Saturday when the party was done, and I could finally collapse, rather than finding the energy to cook myself something healthy, I dove into the left over cupcakes from the party. And Sunday rather than cooking a healthy dinner for the family, I said, "Screw it! I am so sick of struggling, and I order pizza!"

And Monday I weighed.

Up three pounds.

Son of a......

Can I say it again? I am so sick of struggling. I gained the 3 pounds it took me one month of nitpicking and exercising to exhaustion to get off. I AM SO SICK OF STRUGGLING!!!

Anyway, had to get that one gripe in. I'm off to my spinning class. I went yesterday and my pattooteee really hurts. But boy does that class burn it off. I'm hoping it will burn it off better than the other cardio I was doing. You know why?


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