Friday, April 13, 2007

Weekly Weigh-In

So it’s Friday. Feeling MILF like ladies? My asthma really bugging me today so not so much for me. Can I say it again? Stupid Oklahoma! But on the business at hand.

Weight: Lost one pound. Yeah baby! Did fine on the eating. Did have a couple of days this week where I forgot to eat a meal. What’s that about? I always laughed at people who said they forgot to eat. Huh? Forget to eat? Who does that? Apparently I do now.

--Saturday: Never ending vigorous housekeeping and climbing up and down a ladder painting. I’m counting this as exercise because when I fell into bed that night, I was exhausted! Whatcha going to do about it?
--Sunday: Nada
--Monday: 40 minutes(4 ½ miles) elliptical; 1 hour lifting
--Tuesday: Nada
--Wednesday: 35 minutes (3 ½ miles) elliptical; 1 hour lifting
--Thursday: 45 minutes spinning class
--Friday: Nada
Not a bad week.

On another note...

Last night I watched Work Out on Bravo. On it they seemed to be focusing a lot on the story of Doug Blasdell, one of the trainers. He turned 44 on the show, and the show ended by his boss announcing that he had been hospitalized for the flu and dehydration, which had caused kidney failure. I went online to see what had happened and come to find out he later died in January of 2007.

This story line about this man is just shocking to me. He seemed to be very healthy, and he most certainly looked so. He had a positive attitude about life and seemed to have a really healthy, mature, and calm attitude about his life, especially concerning the choices he’s made and the experiences he’d had. And if the flu could eventually take down a man like that…well it really makes you think now doesn’t it?

For me it makes me realize how little control one actually has over one’s own life. You can be healthy physically. You can be healthy spiritually. You can be healthy emotionally. And the flu can still take you down. I guess the one thing that can comfort you when you discover this fact is that you did live your life well, so that when something unexpected takes you down, there will be peace.

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