Friday, April 20, 2007

Weekly Weigh-In

Weight: Same

Sunday--30 minute walk around neighborhood
Monday--45 minutes spinning class
Tuesday--45 minutes spinning class; 1 hour yoga/pilates class
Wednesday--1 hour weight training
Thursday--30 minutes elliptical; spinning
Friday--1 hour weight training

Diet: No cheating all week--Yay me (a lot of good it did me)

So I'll say it again. I'm sick of struggling for a lot of nothing. Honestly I can't add any more exercise. I don't have time. And haven't a clue about the diet. I'm doing the diet that got off the 3 pounds initially. Really, with some cheating the 3rd week, I haven't gone off of it. So what the hell???

I think I'm going to be jealous of all you ladies who've lost. So bear with me, I'll try to be kind but I'm really frustrated. And don't tell me I'm building muscle. I've been building muscle for almost 4 MONTHS now. AND I'M NOT SHRINKING!!! It's not even about the weight any more. It's about the clothes. When am I going to drop back down the the size I was before I went off of the pill? And don't tell me perhaps I'm at the smallest I'm going to be. I'm not even trying to get to HS size or college size or even pre-baby size. I'm trying to get to the size I was one and now a 1/2 years ago. I was happy at that size. I wasn't skinny then. I had the rolls. But I felt good in my skin. And that's all I'm asking for. Is that too much?

And you know what's frustrating? I think I've been accused by about everyone that I'm lying about what I'm doing. For my friends who are doing a part of what I'm doing are getting smaller. I think that's the worst part. And I've about had it.

Well that's enough of that pitty party.

See my forced smile?

How are you?


Lacan Dropu said...

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Lacan Dropu
From Argentina

jakelliesmom said...

Kelly - I know it's frustrating, but give it time. I'd be happy to look over the food part of your program if it would help to have some outside eyes.

You are active, and you are making huge progress, even if you don't see it yet. : )


Butrfly4404 said...

Your heart is much healthier!

Ha! Didn't think you'd hear that, huh???

I'm not losing either, but I'm also not behaving as well as you.

Have a good weekend!