Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Introduction of Hot Superman

Yesterday I drug myself to spinning class, not motivated at all. While I was warming up, in walked this HUGE, like pro-football player huge, hot guy with a Superman t-shirt. As he walked in all of the regulars groaned. I look around and said, “What, what?”

One lady said, “you’ll see…”

I did see. Oh did I see. He completely and totally kicked my ass. And 30 minutes in I was negotiating with myself, “If you can finish the whole class doing what he says exactly, you don’t have to spin tomorrow.”

Then he started in with the standing sprints, and I thought, “If you can just make it ½ way through these sprints, you don’t have to spin tomorrow.”

And then after 6 sets of jumps, he started with a three minute sitting ride where we had to crank up the tension, over, and over, and over again. As my legs were screaming I thought, “If you can just keep moving until the end of class, you don’t have to spin tomorrow.”

And then we finished. And we stretched. And the high kicked in. And I thought, “I’m totally doing this again tomorrow.”

Then I went home, worked in the yard, and as I was driving my daughter home from school, my muscles started tightening up. I forced myself to finish my yard work before the storm started, and after I sat down in my living room huffing and puffing I realized, “I can’t get up. If I get up it will hurt, badly. I really just can’t move. I should spin tomorrow to work this out.”

Then last night I woke up with the beginning of a leg cramp. I got up and stretched out. And as I went back to bed I thought, “Forget that. I’m totally NOT going to spin tomorrow.”

Though I will miss Hot Superman. I wish he weren’t only a sub. I’d let him kick my ass any day!

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