Tuesday, May 08, 2007

You own, personal, Jesus....

Hot Superman was back yesterday, and apparently the airconditioning in spinning class was not. Holy moly it was hotter than "Georgia asphalt!" After class was over I looked like I had just taken a shower. Hot Superman said to me as he gave me a high five, "Girl, way to get your sweat on!" I guess it's bad when the instructor feels the need to say something to you about your sweat.

Anyway, I'm not as enamored with Hot Superman. His class was a booger which is good. But he ruined one of my favorite songs. It happened when he announced that we were going to do some standing sprints to which we all whined, "Oh maaaaannnnnn!"

He then said, "Now, now ladies. Remember it's called a work out not an easy out!" Then he started the next song.

And yelled/sung with the music, "Reach out and touch faith!"

And 1/2 way through the song he said, "This is your marathon ladies. And you've just reached mile 26!"

And I was reminded of Oprah who said after she ran a marathon, "Once you get to that 26th mile, I don't care if you're religious or not, you'll see Jesus."

And I don't know if it was the music, or the fact that I had forgotten my inhaler, or the now ruined song, but I believe I did.

I think I saw Jesus. Or at least it was my "own, personal, Jesus!"

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