Monday, June 11, 2007

Basal Metabolic Rate

This weekend I discovered what Basal Metabolic Rate is. Basically it's the amount of calories you'd burn if you stayed in bed all day.
Wha? Wha?
Oh Sorry. I was so distracted by the glorious image of bed all day.

Anyway. I found this calculator that calculates your BMR, tells you how many calories you need to maintain your weight and how many calories you need to eat if you want to lose.

So my BMR is 1475.64 as of this morning.
And my daily caloric intake with my activity level should be 2029.01 calories
And what I need to lose weight is 1529.01 to 1200 calories per day.

So, all of those months I was eating between 1600 and 1800 and I wasn't losing...well that is why! So for two days I aimed for 1200 calories per day and ended up between 1300 and 1400 calories. And this morning I stepped on the scale. Down one pound!

Now it could be the Wulong. But I've been drinking it for a week with no results.

I think it's the diet. We'll see.

Is it just me or is this stuff just fascinating?

Well I'm off to the gym to lift. Well I'm actually off to yell at my kids because I've told them THREE times to get dressed, and they're sitting in front of the TV like zombies because they think I haven't noticed.

So...I'm going to go kick some little kid butt...and then I'm off to the gym.

See you tomorrow!

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jakelliesmom said...

There I was, thinking I could eat more and still lose weight. Thank you for posting this - I think I need to be A LOT more active and eat A LOT.

Seriously, thank you for the resource.