Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Who knew?

Did you know that if you merely drop calories to lose weight you lose fat AND muscle? I didn't know that. I just read it on the manual that came with my new scale. That explains why the "experts" always want you to exercise while dieting. I always thought that the exercise was a suggestion...you know for your heart? For you have to exercise so excessively for it to burn the excessive calories you're eating so why not just eat less? I mean really. Who has time to exercise the amount that it would require to burn off that last candy bar? Really? Who?

No one. So now I read what I read in my manual. Oooooooohhhhhhhh! Light bulb moment. That's why!

They should just say that instead of suggesting that you exercise as part of a healthy life-style. They should say, "Hey! You! Doofas! Yeah you! If you starve yourself you will become weaker. And someday, your tiny little children will be stronger than you and don't you want to be able to beat them in an arm wrestling match until they're at least 14? I mean it's a self-respect thing yo!"

Yeah...that's what they should say.

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Butrfly4404 said...

Yeah, that makes sense, I guess.

Not really DIETING, but back when I lost all my friends to drugs, the weight they lost was one of their big excuses. I tried explaining: You are losing MASS, not FAT. Your muscles are shriveling up and leaving you with with fat and bones. They didn't get it...but then again, they were crackheads.

Exercise is good for so many reasons. Not just losing weight, but for your heart and emotional health, too. Now if I could just get myself to DO it.