Monday, July 02, 2007

One....singular sensation...every little step she takes.....One!

I saw the 4! Woohoo...the four! Do you know how long it's been since I've seen a four on the scale? I know it's just ONE little number but it has been oh, so long. And that reminds me of a story from last week that I've forgotten to share.

At the doctor's office:

The aide as I'm checking out, "Do you work out?"

Me, "Yeah."

The aide, "I can tell. Nothing wiggles on you does it?"


Let that absorb.

Fantastic no?

So what if she could only see me from the waist up because of the tall counter....

I'm reminded of a song.

Here...I'll share it.

One singular sensation, every little step she takes
One thrilling combination, every move that she makes
One smile and suddenly nobody else will do
You know you'll never be lonely with you-know-who

One moment in her presence and you can forget the rest
For the girl is second best to none, son
Oooh! Sigh! Give her your attention
Do I really have to mention she's the one

Really, shouldn't we all sing this song to ourselves???

Go ahead.

Sing it.

You're the one!

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Butrfly4404 said...

Girl, I'm so happy for you!!!

Look at your and your alli (heheh) doing your thing!!

No, actually, don't even give credit to the's all you girl!