Sunday, July 29, 2007

We should abstain from violence, debauchery, evil deeds, sensual-attachment, hatred, anger and ego. ” Atharva Veda

Yeah right!

So I took the weekend off. I drank wine, I ate cookies, and even had a patty-melt. I enjoyed everything but the patty melt. The whole time I was thinking, man...what is this going to do to me? And today I found out what a weekend of debauchery does to my body. It adds 3 pounds is what it does!

Holy Crap! That is so depressing.

So I have to go see my relatives in a couple of weeks. I was hoping to be in the 140's by then. But at 1 pound a week, that's not going to happen. Maybe I can try to get it to 2 pounds a week. That would be OK. I guess.

So OK, I'm going to be totally strict this week. And the next. And part of the next...

And then I'll be in a fun big city with lots of good restaurants.

And the debauchery can happen again!



So I'll gain a few. The kids are back in school the week I get back. I can go kill myself at the gym 5 days a week then to get it off.

But for now, let the starvation begin.


Butrfly4404 said...

That's exactly what I gained. I didn't even drink!! I SHARED a pretzel with The Man at the concert and we ate microwave junk food when I got home and I went back up to 153. SOOOOO mad. That's what I was up to after two weekends of eating like crap and three weekends of drinking!

Anyway, I really need to be active this week or none of my clothes will fit for my mini-vacay this weekend. :(

jen said...

aren't patty melts the absolute best?

if you do manage to kill yourself at the gym please share how you were able to find the motivation so i might be able to find it too.